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If you come to Madeira at Carnival, don't forget your mask!

25 February, 2020

At the time of carnival, the city of Funchal overflows with joy and good mood. Despite being an event celebrated all over the island, the main attractions are concentrated in the capital. Funchal gets dressed up and everyone is carried away by the revelry spirit of this carnival season. There are thousands of tourists and residents who take off to Funchal downtown to watch the famous allegorical parade, which is part of one of the most tourist events in Madeira.

To the sound of samba and drums so the great parade begins! The various troupes, accompanied by their floats and with their colorful and brilliant costumes, transform the streets of Funchal on their stage, while parading and infecting all those who are there with the magic of Carnival. On Tuesday, it’s the great parade of “Trapalhão” turn to go out. In a more informal context and known for its humorous and satirical environment, this is a parade that is open to all those who want to participate in these carnival marches. So take your mask and come on!

It is without a doubt a very festive week where you can count on lots of street entertainment during the day, whether in cafes or hotels, but mainly next to the “Placa Central” where several initiatives related to the carnival season are organized. But this doesn’t stop here, during the night the animation continues. There are many bars and clubs that organize theme parties, such as the night of hippies or transvestites, in order to provide you with an endless night of fun and entertainment. So grab your disguise and come prepared for a real masked night!

To finish off the Carnival in a big way, don't forget to try the typical carnival sweets, the delicious “sonhos” and the “malassadas”.

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