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Welcome to Madeira Island!

07 February, 2020

Have you heard about Madeira Island and you are looking forward to visit? There is a reason for that and you do not know what awaits you. Elected as the Best Island Destination in the World several times in a row, Madeira Island is a place with history and tradition. A place to keep and take with you in memory.

Small in size but huge in diversity, things to see and do will not fall short. We will show you all the nooks and beauty of our wonderful island. We are locals and our main goal is to provide you with a great experience while visiting us. We have so much to show you!

Madeira Island, wherever you are, is an open window to the sea, a real mountain amphitheater, a beautiful garden in the Atlantic Ocean. And if we had to choose a word to describe this little wonder it would be nature. Starting at the city gates of Funchal to the undermost hiding places that exist around the island, unforgettable experiences is the best that Madeira has to offer.

From the sea to the mountains, from north to south, there are activities and plans for all tastes. Over time we will suggest you itineraries, gastronomic experiences, activities and places that you cannot miss without a doubt. Come browse through our tracks, know our walking routes (levadas), discover our breathtaking viewpoints, swim in our natural pools, enjoy a delicious typical dish and relax watching our extraordinary landscapes.

But there is much more to discover and explore, you just have to choose. Believe that Madeira Island makes it all worthwhile!

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